About us

Dri Wash is a professional family-run cleaning business, with many year of expertise and experience. We can help you remember why you chose your carpets and upholstery with care.

We're passionate about delivering an exceptional carpet and rug cleaning experience.

When you hire us, you're hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver lasting value to your home.

From the initial survey; through the multiple stages of our cleaning process; and final completion - we consider ourselves humble guests in your home and as such, respect your personal privacy and space.

We apply the most innovative and cutting edge approach to today's home cleaning market. You can rely on our professionalism to make recommendations that fit your taste and style; but we always give you the final word.


Dri Wash Carpet Cleaning is a customer focused business. We are trained to Prochem standards and we are fully insured to restore your household and commercial carpets back to their former glory.

We apply the highest standards to make sure your needs are met.

We are Accredited MembersAccredited Members of the top two professional cleaning organisations.

Why Use Dri Wash Carpet Cleaning?

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When cleaning we use a proven multi-stage process in order to make sure your carpets and upholstery are returned to the best possible condition.

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We use only the best carpet cleaning chemicals in the industry, this way we can guarantee that no damage will occur and the final result will be a clean, conditioned carpet.

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Training is paramount in this industry, we spend many hours learning the skills required to be able to clean all differing types of carpet and upholstery using new technology and giving you the client the best possible outcome.

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We receive the vast amount of our business from referrals and we have lots of testimonials to that effect, click here to see a selection of them.