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End of tenancy carpet cleaning

carpet before cleaning
carpet after cleaning

To avoid any cause for complaint you should arrange the end of tenancy cleaning as close to the inventory as possible.

If you are using a professional company (check your tenancy agreement to see if this is required) ensure they have an exhaustive task list, everything is completed to a high standard, and keep a copy for the landlord in case there is a dispute.

If you are completing a domestic clean, allow enough time to hire equipment, buy the right products, have things dry cleaned, and replace/repair items.

Be thorough, tick things off your list as you go, take photographs when complete, and ask a witness to sign these before the final inventory check and handing over the keys.

Letting Agents / Landlords require property to be thoroughly cleaned when vacating it, or before a new tenants moves in, to guarantee tenants receive their deposit back. We have all the expertise and equipment necessary to carry out the cleaning.

Let our cleaning team do the cleaning before you relocate. We clean rugs, Sofa cleaning, curtains, carpets cleaning. We can also carry out pre-tenancy or post-tenancy cleans

Tenant responsibilities

It is to your advantage to do a thorough end of tenancy clean and meet all the responsibilities in your tenancy agreement if you want your deposit returned in full and to avoid disputes with your landlord.

Ensure that any damage caused by you or a visitor to your home is repaired or replaced – if you leave it up to the landlord to send you a bill, chances are the cost will be higher as they are less likely to shop around for the best deal.

Allow yourself enough time and energy to do the final clean and make is as near to the date of the check-out inventory as possible.