Dri Wash Carpet Cleaning

Dri Wash Carpet Cleaning is a professional family-run carpet cleaning business based in Milton Keynes with many years of experience and accruing a wealth of expertise. We can help you remember why you chose your carpets and upholstery with care.

We used a chair to show what can be removed from it, this time it was greasy hair and dirty hands.

Dri Wash Carpet cleaning restored this shocking pink suite to its former glory.

At Dri Wash Carpet cleaning we use blowers to aid the drying process.

Dri Wash Carpet cleaning produced startling changes to this 3 piece suite.

Dri Wash Carpet cleaning cleaned this stained sofa and the results were much appreciated.

At Dri Wash Carpet Cleaning we use state of the art cleaning equipment and proud to say made in Great Britian.

Dri Wash Carpet cleaning cleaned the upholstery on this suite back to showroom condition for a busy working couple in Milton Keynes.

Dri Wash Carpet Cleaning not only did the carpets but as the customer was so happy with the results we were asked to clean the 3 piece suite as well. One very happy customer.

Dri Wash Carpet Cleaning took on the task of cleaning hundreds of chairs for a local secondary school, we now do them every year.